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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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good afternoon. breaking in san francisco, a case that dates back to 2014. >> ryan chamberlain pleaded guilty to possessing an unregistered biological or toxic agent and possession of a firearm with a removed serial number. the fbi launched a manhunt for chamberlain in june 2014 after explosives were found in his apartment. he was on the run for several days and posted a suicide letter online describing his deep depression.
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he faces up to ten years in prison and supervised release. sentencing is set for april 12th. san francisco police say 26- year-old richard contreras was booked on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder, carjacking and other crime. he was arrested near his home in richmond last night and police raided the home as part of the criminal investigation. he's accused of shooting and killing two men in the parking lot of the twin peaks lookout in san francisco, then carjacked two tourists to get away. >> in september 2014 he was arrested for driving a stolen vehicle that crashed into a bus, which crashed into a home and injured 11 people. a fellow officer died yesterday while off duty.
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officer donnie pearman was a 20- year veteran of the police department and sources say he was working off duty as security when he stopped a shoplifter and gave chase, then a medical emergency occurred. the san francisco district attorney announced his office is teaming up with the fbi to try and end public corruption. >> public corruption is a cancer that must be rooted out and extinguished. >> he's creating a joint criminal task force with the fba to target corruption in the city. this comes after the arrest of former city officials and political consultants charged with bribery and money landering. >> the good old boys, pay to play system that's worked in san francisco so well for so long has to end, and we believe this is the beginning of that process. >> the task force will partner
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with the city attorney's office when necessary. details have not yet been released. the sonoma county sheriff's office is searching for a missing prominent attorney. >> steven mitchell is involved in the case of the sheriff's deputy who shot and killed 13- year-old andy lopez in 2013. >> his car was discovered sunday at a parking lot on the sonoma coast and his cell phone and clothing were found near the car. at this point it's still unknown as to what he was doing there. >> right now we don't have any information to believe anybody else took his vehicle there. no foul play is suspected. we are going on the premise that he drove his vehicle there himself. >> he was hired by the county to defend itself against the civil lawsuit filed by the family of andy lopez, shot to death three years ago by a deputy. lopez was carrying a realistic looking toy gun. mitchell was involved in an
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appeal by the county that could have delayed the case for a year. the sheriff's department says it does not believe his professional life had anything to do with his disappearance. the start of the commercial crab fishing season could be starting soon. >> today the executive committee of the dungeness crab task force received updates on the acid impacting the crab season. right now only recreational crab fishing is open and some tests have shown the acid is still in waters to the north. >> that means the california department of fish and wildlife is deciding whether to open a portion of water for commercial crabbing or wait until it's all cleared, or officially call off the season. some say it's too late for many fishermen who have already lost so much. >> i would say at if beginning of the season, losing november and december was definitely hit, losing the thanksgiving and christmas crab definitely
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affected us. as little as it affected us, it really affected the fleet and fishermen who have to do this for a living. they didn't have an option to do anything else, just sat and waited. >> last week the governor asked the federal government to call the delayed crabbing season a commercial fishery disaster, costing the state more than $48 million in lost revenue. it's shaping up to be a beautiful day just like yesterday when people flocked to the beaches. >> this was the scene in santa cruz, people enjoying the long holiday weekend and all the sunshine. it was so crowded a lot of people reported house of traffic to get there and when they got there, not a lot of parking. >> steve paulson with us now, a little bit of a repeat. >> we are a little cooler but as you know, it's perfect. clouds are beginning to
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increase. we'll be close to record highs. higher clouds haven't made it to the south bay yet but they are starting to fill in to the west and north. still going to be a day of nice temperatures. 72 in half moon bay, they were 74 yesterday. santa rosa was 85 yesterday, 6 degrees cooler today. some areas are the same. close to record highs today, within a degree or two for most. napa will be a little cooler. oakland airport, sfo, and even gilroy within a degree or two of record highs. that's the warm news for today. for tomorrow, get ready for rain. more on that coming up in about 10 minutes. we need it. >> i'm ready for it.
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>> thank you. today some traffic for san francisco will be rerouted for a sand removal traffic. southbound traffic between lincoln way and slope boulevard will be detoured for crews to remove sand from the north end of the beach to a hot spot on the south end of the beach. the work is expected to continue weekdays until mid- march. the coast guard rescued two fishermen a couple hours ago off the san francisco coast after their boat capsized. >> they sent out a distress call just after 10:00 a.m. reporting the vessel was taking on water. this is about all that was left when the coast guard arrived. they were both treated for mild hypothermia and the boat still has about 200 gallons of fuel on board. fremont animal services raised enough money to get a colt back on his feet. >> valentine was found injured and stranded in a ravine in
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fremont on valentine's day. rescue crews discovered he had a fractured pelvis and was soaked and shivering. they wrapped him up and brought him to safety. >> astonishing that after two days he was still living. usually after a couple hours in those cold wet conditions, they die. >> he's now headed to the uc davis veterinary school for surgery, expected to cost $7,000 to $10,000. but a gofundme page set up for him has now raised more than $14,000. former president george w. bush is hitting the campaign trail on behalf of his brother. >> he said his brother would make a really good president. jeb bush also spoke in his brother's defense yesterday, saying his brother helped keep america safe after the
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september 11th attacks. >> i never thought in a republican debate, we'd be talking about impeaching a republican two-term president who was extraordinarily popular for good reason amongst republicans. i thought that was a little weird. >> hillary clinton was campaigning in nevada, where the democratic caucuses will be held saturday. one recent poll shows a virtual tie between the former secretary of state and vermont senator bernie sanders. now to the death of supreme court justice antonin scalia and the political battle over filling his seat on the nation's highest court. >> republicans may stand firm and block anyone president obama nominates. the constitution states the president shall nominate and appoint a judge with the advice and consent of the senate. with 54 republicans in the senate, a gop majority, the president could find it hard to get a candidate considered.
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>> and the supreme court has cases that have been ruled on but where the court has not publicly released an opinion. >> there are a lot of cases that the court had reached a tentative decision on that now they will either have to go back and see if the loss of scalia changes the outcome. there were cases that no doubt had been assigned to scalia to write the opinion, which will now need to be reassigned, and of course in some cases the loss could mean that the outcome will change. >> there are also critical cases including one challenge brought by several states against obama's executive action on immigration. >> just moments ago during a
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speech, she confirmed she is not interested and wants her name taken off that list. >> we'll have more with harris tonight starting on the 4. still ahead at noon, it's being called a first of its kind pharmacy and it opened a couple hours ago in the south bay. >> coming up, how they plan to help people who can't afford their prescription medication. >> and a happy update about a sea otter pup found orphaned last month. where she's now making herself at home.
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officials at uc davis say two men face hate crime charges in an attack on an african- american student. she was walking in the area and was physically assaulted about 3:00 a.m. monday. she called police, who then arrested the pair on assault and hate crime charges. a third man was charged with public intoxication. none of the suspects are students. >> i'm very surprised to hear that it is happening because davis is very accepting, friendly and tolerant place. >> davis is friendly and i don't think this is something that's about davis.
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it's just like human mentality. >> police say the woman was not sexually assaulted and did not require medical treatment. teams from the cdc specializing in suicide prevention expected to arrive in palo alto to try and figure out how to prevent teen suicides. they want to work with doctors to investigate the troubling trend. since 2009, 10 teenagers have taken their lives, most of them there on the cal train tracks. now they want guidance on identifying risk factors and recommendations to prevent suicides. a first of its kind pharmacy is now open, helping those in need get free prescription drugs. >> reporter: the grand opening of the better health pharmacy is today and it's been open for several months. the county didn't publicize that because they wanted to be sure things were running
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smooth. so far they have filled 700 prescriptions to those in need. all the prescription drugs are free to people who can't afford them. it's the first drug donation pharmacy in northern california, located on east santa clara street near 15th. the pharmacy depends on donations from skilled licensed nursing facilities throughout the state. no copay or insurance is needed, just a valid prescription. >> the medication that we have been dispensing are mainly like asthma medications or hypertension and diabetes. some of these even though they have insurance, some of their insurances require copay and they are unable to pay for these medications and many go without. >> reporter: the pharmacy won't always carry your prescription. a list of drugs is post odd on their website and it can change depending on what is donated.
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they will put patients on a standby list and try to locate the drug. they will not dispense controlled drugs like pain or anxiety medication. they will normally be open monday through wednesday 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. muni officials are moving to ease penalties for young people who commit violations on board the buses. >> those violations include not giving up your seat to an elderly or disabled person. right now a young person can face higher fines than an adult who commits the same violation. adults are given citations and fined up to $112, but someone under 18 can face criminal penalties and fees up to $380. >> we were able to reduce
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transit fare violations and decriminalize them. at the request of the juvenile court system, juvenile violations were kept the same. >> the muni board of directors is set to meet in less than an hour. beautiful day today, but changes on the way? >> no doubt. won't be today, though. it's a warm day and temperatures were 10 to 15 degrees cooler this morning, the gap has closed here at noon. so we're close to where we were yesterday, only off by about 1 to 4 degrees. clouds are beginning to move in. overall february started off with a little rain, just very little, and we have had a dry stretch here. again, this is very common for the winter months to get 10, 15, 20-plus days during the winter of dry weather, especially during a strong el
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niño. that ends after today. tomorrow we usher back in the rain and tomorrow night into thursday, looks like. you can see the clouds beginning to work their way into the north. before they do, they had some pretty warm temps. looks like the areas are beginning to cool slightly. north bay temps still pretty warm. mill valley at 74, east bay temps, still 60s and 70s. these are off by 2 to 4 degrees from yesterday's numbers. 70 pacifica, menlo park 73, and 72 morgan hill. again, this is in the higher elevations so some parts of the mountains have warm air aloft. look at santa cruz, 77 degrees. there's still a little bit of an offshore breeze. oakland turned a little westerly and i think sfo, they
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were showing that, too. it's a fight between the on shore breeze and offshore. 52 up in truckee and 76 in monterey. look at lake tahoe, tahoe city 59, 60 up in reno. it will take another day, about 12 hours to get the clouds in here and another 24 to get the rain in. we'll have two system, that part and a secondary system with much colder air. that doesn't arrive for about 24 to 36 hours. mostly sunny, few high clouds to the north. there's a lighter breeze today except maybe the east bay locations. looks like a cooldown for parts of the coast but temperatures way up there, a lot of 70s. these are 10 to 15 degrees above where they should be this time of year. after today we'll deal with cloud cover and temperatures will take a huge plunge over the next 48 hours.
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look like we have rain moving in for the evening commute. by saturday, chinese new year parade, we should be on the dry side. >> thank you. an adorable sea otter pup rescued in january has a new home in chicago. >> shed aquarium released this video of the pup settling in. the 10-week-old sea otter is in good shape but fish and wildlife experts determined she could not be released back into the wild. the aquarium says she's getting around the clock help from experts to learn how to feed and care for herself. it was a big night at the grammys. >> still ahead, who came out on top and why adele said she earned a trip after the show.
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gas prices are still averaging under $2 a gallon nationally. right now the average is $1.70, 20 cents lower than a month ago. today is the 25th day in a row prices averaged below $2 nationwide. >> of course in san francisco, the average is $2.50.
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san josi, $2.34, and just a penny cheaper in santa rosa and oakland. if you couldn't watch the grammys last night, here are some of the big moments you missed. >> uptown funk took home best record of the year and taylor swift got the award for the year's best album, 1989. and lady gaga had a tribute for the late david bowie. >> a number of other legends were honored. stevie wonder honored the maurice white from earth wind & fire. but the night was not without problems. >> at one point the sound
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dropped out during adele's performance. twitter exploded after that and after the performance she tweeted the glitch was caused by a microphone calling on to the piano strings, and said because of it, i'm treating myself to an in n out, so maybe it was worth it. >> kendrick lamar won best album for pimp a butterfly. there's a lot of debate about whether law enforcement should have access to cell phone data. >> many in law enforcement say smartphones provide critical evidence during terror and criminal investigations, and encryption blocks them from accessing it.
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today we are asking our expert, what are the drawbacks, and is it possible to give the good guys access and prevent the bad guys from getting in? >> that's it for us here at noon. thank you for joining us. check us out on facebook and twitter. see you back here at 4:00.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: blake shelton and luke bryan went to mastro's steak house separately but they had beef with each other. >> who do you want to sit next to at the grammys? >> luke bryan but he never gets nominated. >> like brian -- >> they're like the nickelback of country. harvey: luke's songs are legitimately good. >> they're not respects by the grammys. harvey: like "star wars" never gets nominated for best picture -- >> the first one did. harvey: it didn't win. >> john mayer was there with his >> adele did a show on friday for hard-core fans. john mayer was there with his new girlfriend


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